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Road Rescue

Not just roadside assistance....

The Autogroup are not offering silver, gold or platinum grades of cover at varying prices and confusing service levels, we think we provide something much better than that. We are quite simply delivering the quality and efficiency of service that meets the needs and expectations of motorists with just one level of service for all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

Including home start, and free hire car where appropriate, The Auto Group Road Rescue scheme covers the inability to use a Vehicle as a result of mechanical / electrical breakdown, accident, vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft, puncture of road tyres, lost or misplaced vehicle keys, flat battery, having no fuel or mis-fuelling.

In the event of Mis-Fuelling, the cost of repairs will be covered up to a maximum of £1000 to include draining of contaminated fuel, replacement with the correct fuel, and cleaning or replacement of affected parts (available at an additional cost).

Additional Benefits We Supply As Standard

  • A smartphone app allowing easy and direct contact with us when a problem arises
  • Fully trained and experienced staff to take your call 24/7
  • A message relay service to explain your delay
  • A legal support helpline
  • With 831 locations across the UK, we will not offer excuses, only deliver the service that puts motorists needs first.
  • The Autogroup Road Rescue is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income without any risk. The product is extremely flexible and can be added to any vehicle (up to 3.5 tonnes)

    For further information on our Road Rescue Service please contact us on 0800 148 8339 or email us