The Auto Group - Products

Car Warranty

We have turned Grey into Black & White...

When our Motor Dealer partners sell a car they are secure in the knowledge that they are offering their customers the finest vehicle protection available.

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Road Rescue

Not just roadside assistance...

Auto Group Assistance is a complete service that will leave drivers feeling secure and dealers free from the stresses and expense of dealing with stranded customers.

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Dealer Guarantee

A flexible alternative solution for dealers and their customers...

Dealer Guarantee puts the Motor Trader in full control of their aftersales service.

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Paint Protection

The Auto Group are proud to be partners with AGlaze...

In our opinion AGlaze provide the highest quality paintwork protection available, and our opinion is shared by Blue Chip companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Sunseeker and Fairline.

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Introducer Appointed Representative

Increase your dealerships revenue dramatically...

Selling regulated products such as GAP,Smart and Tyre and Alloy can increase your dealerships revenue dramatically and increase your margins on every sale.

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