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Increase your dealerships revenue dramatically...

Selling regulated products such as GAP, Road Rescue and Tyre and Alloy can increase your dealerships revenue dramatically and increase your margins on every sale. This however does come at a price and many dealers are put off by the number of hoops they have to jump through to become regulated.

The Auto Group Insure have the solution to this problem, we have made the transition of becoming an AR smooth and affordable. We have designed a compliance system to ensure all staff and supervisors find the process of becoming regulated a simple process and enables all dealerships to monitor this in one place. Alongside our state of the art system we offer support from experienced staff in this area that are always happy to talk you through any stage of compliance to ensure your business remains professional and compliant in these areas at all times.

TAG Insure alongside Evolution Insurance have designed unique products to ensure your clients are receiving the best products available in the market and enabling your business to up sell at every opportunity.